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[21.07.18 1200-1600z] Devils National Day


As you probably know, Belgium made the third place in the FIFA world championship. You might also know that the 21st of July is Belgium’s national holiday. To celebrate both events, we’ll fully staff Brussels Airport (EBBR) so you can come and check whether our controllers also deserve a bronze cup. All traffic […]

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[03.08.18 1730-1930z] Major Endorsement Check – EBBR_APP

We are pleased to announce that on Friday August 3rd at 1730z Belux vACC is hosting a Major Endorsement Check for one of its members.
The Controller Practical Test is being held on Brussels Arrival. As such we extend an open invite for virtual pilots to join us in ensuring the candidate has the volume […]

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[15.10.16 1300Z – 1900Z] Brussels Overload

Belux vACC is proud to present its fourth edition of the Brussels Overload event.

Brussels is known as the capital of Europe and serves as main hub for all European Union delegates. It mainly offers flights to Europe and Africa but also offers flights to North America and Asia.

Just like last time it’s all about […]

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