Belux vACC is proud to present its fifth edition of the Brussels Overload event.

Brussels is known as the capital of Europe and serves as main hub for all European Union delegates. It mainly offers flights to Europe and Africa but also offers flights to North America and Asia.

Just like last time it’s all about the pilot’s choice. More than 140 slots will become available for booking. You can fly any aircraft from/to anywhere you want. Just book your slot and you are good to go!

We will be hosting 6 hours of continued ATC coverage for Brussels (EBBR) and Brussels FIR (EBBU) from 1300UTC to 1900UTC on Saturday 5th of October 2019, as well as coordinating with adjacent FIRs and airports to ensure you a flight you will never forget.

Whether you like to fly short haul flights within Europe or long haul flights across the world, Brussels Overload is the event for you!

Adding to the excitement is the fact that all ATC controllers will be controlling from the same room.

Book your flight now, and look forward to an unforgettable experience!
Bookings and information are available at