Assistant Event and Social Media Coordinator Vacancy – Applications

Dear members,

Belux vACC is now accepting applications for the position of ACCBE41 – Assistant Event and Social Media Coordinator

Applications will be accepted until November 28th, 2000z by e-mail addressed to steven.fauconnier (at) and must be written in English

ACCBE41 possible area of responsibility (to be discussed with ACCEBE4 after appointment):

•   Joint responsibility for the Event and Social Media department, under the guidance of the Event and Social Media Coordinator (ACCBE4)
•   Assists in reporting relevant Event and Social Media department issues to the Belux vACC staff.
•   Assists in the promotion, announcing and organising of vACC events.
•   Assists in the coordination with all vACC ATC’s regarding vACC events.
•   Assists in the announcing of other vACC events (within the VATEUD division).
•   Assists in the coordination of event support requests from other vACC’s.
•   Assists in maintaining an event calendar for vACC events.
•   Assists in liaising with virtual airlines from in- and outside the vACC FIR.
•   Assists in regularly posting messages (e.g. event announcements) on the vACC’s social media.
•   Assists in regularly monitoring and moderating the vACC’s social media.

ACCBE41 is a full Belux vACC staff position without full voting rights, unless in the absence of ACCBE4. In such case, ACCBE41 holds full voting rights.

This is an important position in Belux vACC staff because you will be working, with the staff – especially the Event and Social Media Coordinator, to ensure the vACC is known throughout the division, region and VATSIM network. Like any staff position you should ensure yourself that you can devote the required time to do your work. It requires a good knowledge of the Belux vACC scene and the different social media. A good command of the English language is a must! Any prior experiences with event promotion in VATSIM context is welcomed.

Members applying should supply the following information:

* Any special abilities or knowledge, which are relevant for the position (in brief)
* A brief motivation
* Any involvement in DCRM situations, also involving other members
* Other issues, which you as a candidate think is relevant, or important