GCAP compliance

In accordance with VATSIM’s Global Controller Administration Policy, section 5.7(c), the following designations have been approved as from March 1st 2024:

Tier 1

CallsignPosition NameFrequency
EBBR_H_APPBrussels Approach (holding)129.730
EBBR_APPBrussels Arrival118.255
EBBR_DELBrussels Delivery121.955
EBBR_DEPBrussels Departure126.630
EBBR_F_APPBrussels Approach (high traffic loads)120.105
EBBR_GNDBrussels Ground (Combined/North)118.055
EBBR_S_GNDBrussels Ground (South)121.880
EBBR_TWRBrussels Tower (Combined/South)118.605
EBBR_N_TWRBrussels Tower (North)120.780

Tier 2

Not applicable